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Conveyor future development of the industry

With the development of the production efficiency. Conveyor appear in more and more industrial production, steadily swollen conveyor industry, there is growing attention to the efficiency of the conveyor and a series of questions, then the future of the conveyor industry do about it?

1, to continue to large-scale development. Large transmission capacity, including large-scale, large single length and large transmission angle and other aspects. Hydraulic conveyor length reached 440 km or more. Belt conveyor length of nearly 15 km single, and has appeared composed by a number of Taiwan Contact and B both belt conveyor channel. Many countries are exploring long-distance, large-capacity transport of materials better continuous conveyor structure.

2, expanding the use of the conveyor. Developments in high temperature, low temperature, corrosive, radioactive, flammable substances in the work environment, as well as capable of delivering fiery, explosive, Pellet, sticky material conveyor.

3, so that the conveyor structure to meet the material handling system automation and control for single requests. As used in automated sorting post office parcel trolley conveyor sorting operation should meet the requirements.

4, lower energy consumption in order to save energy, the field of conveyor technology has become an important aspect of research. Has one ton material handling energy consumed by one kilometer conveyor selection as one important indicator.

5, to reduce a variety of conveyors in operation generated dust, noise and emissions.

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