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A sales engineer-Sales Engineer

Education: College Work Experience: 3 years: 3 Salary: Cong Location: Zhongshan City

1) love sales work, more than 3 years sales experience.
2) Sales FLEXLINK product components and system integration, responsible for the sales area business indicators.
3) is responsible for establishing the relevant sales network.
4) Project collection and planning, organizational and technological exchanges, and actively open up new markets.
5) familiar with the product and industry, understanding of customer needs, and better customer satisfaction.
6) collecting old user opinions and feedback and suggestions, and provide recommendations for the company´s market strategy.

Job requirements:
1) college education, mechanical or automation preferred.
2) Familiar with WORD, EXCEL, CAD software, and have some work experience, be able to deal with business letters in English and communication.
3) a pioneering spirit, ambitious, aggressive, responsibility and positive work attitude.
4) hard-working, able to travel, can be practical to work for the company.
5) in the automotive spare parts, fast moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, electronics industry has a customer base is preferred.

The electrical engineer-Electrical Engineer

Education: Any Work experience: 3 years: 1 Salary: 4000-5000 Location: Zhongshan City


1) more than 5 years working experience in electrical control, non-standard equipment at least 3 years experience in manufacturing electrical control
2) Be familiar with the principles of electrical components and price
3) be able to debug hardware and software equipment
4) be familiar mainstream brands of PLC programming
5) the ability to read and write in English


Job requirements:
1) According to the project called for electrical control programs, offer
2) According to the project plan for the electrical part of the selection, a detailed shopping list
3) preparation of various types of electrical control program
4) until the debugging equipment operates in accordance with the project requirements
5) Writing User Manual


Senior designer-Designe Engineer

Education::College Work Experience: 5 years Number: 5 Salary: 5000-10000 Location: Zhongshan City

A) be responsible for the mechanical design of industrial automation systems and to develop shopping lists and drawings
2) to provide technical support for the sales
3) organize the preparation of technical documentation technical documentation


Job requirements:
1) Mechanical design professional college education
2) At least 5 years experience in the design of non-standard equipment, able to complete more complex automated conveyor equipment design work
3) Familiar industrial transmission components, pneumatic components selection
4) proficient in design software such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, Mechanical Desktop and other three-dimensional software;
5) be able to communicate properly in English.
6) There are teamwork, protect the interests

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